The First Cryptocurrency Accessible
Even without the Internet
Now Live! Ends in:

* Untapped Market *

3 Billion

mCoin will have the widest reach because it aims to include the 3 billion people on mobile but who are outside of the internet domain.

This huge un-tapped market will have the opportunity to access mCoin via ONEm's unique platform.

* Small Businesses *

100 Million

Millions of small businesses are continuously seeking new ways to differentiate themselves in the market.

mCoin will be integrated with ONEm's Sweb for Business which will help them to incentivize their customers to participate in the Ecosystem.

* Mobiles *

5.8 Billion

Mobile provides the opportunity to reach everyone.

mCoin will be able to scale rapidly through strategic partnerships.

The mCoin Ecosystem


All digital currencies require internet connectivity for  trading.

mCoin can be traded  both online and offline using any ordinary mobile.


Since mCoin can be accessed by mobile offline this provides the user with an extra layer of security against unauthorized access.


Only people who have access to the internet can participate in mining to earn cryptocurrencies.

In addition to traditional mining ONEm includes people, even without the internet, a way to earn mCoins.

Pseudo-mining is our way for people  to earn coins through activities they perform over the ONEm ecosystem.

Virtual Wallet

ONEm provides a virtual wallet where users without the internet can use any ordinary mobile to store, send and receive mCoins.

Market Place

Using any ordinary mobile ONEm's Market Place Service will allow people use mCoin to buy and sell goods and services.
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Our Vision

We are passionate about the concept of inclusion and set out to make it possible for the billions of people and businesses without access to the internet to participate in the wonders of a digital currency.

mCoin provides anyone, anywhere access to a digital currency even outside of the domain of the internet.

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